Black Swan’s Cosmetic innovation in the Le Village SPA


Black Swan Cosmetics is the innovation brand that today comes to our attention in the natural cosmetics sector.

It stems from the many years of experience of Dr. Barbara Huber who places the person at the center, therefore personalized treatments guaranteed in the results.

At the SPA Le Village, the Black Swan cosmetic line is the unique protagonist in a path where beauty of the body is synonymous with health.

Being welcomed at Le Village means embarking on a journey of pleasure between emotions and sensations in the water element to rediscover ancestral joy and pleasure in a frenetic modernity.

A time to spend slowly, with the expert touch of a qualified staff that combines manual sensitivity with the quality of the innovative products of the cosmetic line.

A Black Swan is a rare, unique example, like the care that each guest receives at the SPA Le Village, a location that brings together beauty and health and where you can breathe hospitality and professionalism from the first moment.