Nature on the skin

The Black Swan® brand was born from the many years of experience and passion of Dr. Barbara Huber, director of famous high-level Wellness and Spa centers in the United States and Italy, in collaboration with important Italian pharmaceutical laboratories. Black Swan by Barbara Huber® has created a line of fifteen products for daily treatments and two specific activators for a more targeted action. The scientific expertise of the Black Swan by Barbara Huber® brand has allowed us to create personalized treatments through the use of completely natural products, designed to obtain a more beautiful and luminous skin, giving it an aspect full of energy and vitality.

How did the idea of ​​the Black Swan line come about?

There are thousands of generic creams and cosmetics on the market that often create confusion and require the purchase of many different products, sometimes with poor results and great waste of time and money. The Black Swan philosophy on the contrary places the person at the center.

How are Black Swan products used?

Black Swan is characterized by the simplicity of use of its products and the guarantee of results. People who have normal skin can use the Black Swan line without adding activators, while specific skin problems will be solved by adding the activators recommended by our visagiste.

Black Swan offers you a free online consultancy service 24 hours a day.

We have been chosen by Le Village - SPA as an exclusive cosmetic line!

Our completely natural products are used inside the SPA Le Village in Limone Piemonte for all their treatments. The philosophy of Le Village is based on the satisfaction of each guest whose needs are unique and specific, this is the reason why each treatment must be personalized to be successful.
After obtaining the first results, you can continue the treatments directly to your home by purchasing our cosmetic line also on site.